black hollow guide book

out of character

∧ Black Hollow is a beginner to advanced forum. Although the site welcomes beginners we do require basic writing skills such as proper spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

∧ Black Hollow is a one character per-account site. You can't make a separate OOC account. Please name your account your character's name, there is a separate field to display your out of character name in your mini profile to avoid confusion.

∧ Your character cannot have a title such as "Densel the Wicked". You can buy custom titles which will give your character a title of your choosing or you can earn them through deeds of valiance or wickedness.

∧ You MUST be 13 years of age or older to join.

∧ Please treat others the way you want to be treated. Though we're sure you've heard it more than you'd like, it is forgotten more than you think.

∧ Be educated. Before you go asking questions about the site, please make sure you've read over our information. If your question is still unanswered then please ask. (:

∧ Black Hollow is PG-13 and content on the site is to be kept as so.

∧ Graphics. Black Hollow does not tolerate theft. Please credit when credit is due and be mindful of who needs to be given appropriate credit on any and all artwork that you use on the site.

∧ Please let us know when you are going to take an absence on the appropriate board.

∧ Your profile avatar's default size is 150x150. Your signatures should not stretch the board or be unnecessarily large vertically. Anything larger than 600px wide are at risk of stretching.

∧ Your profile image should be no larger than 750px, height is up to you.

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